Uzbekistan Marriage Customs


Traditionally, Uzbeks remember weddings with great delight. These are elaborate ceremonies which have numerous types of rituals and traditions. In modern day Uzbekistan, there’s been a switch in marriage traditions. In past times, weddings were hosted in the homes of the groom and bride. Nowadays, the majority of families are experiencing their marriages in wonderful venues.

Before the wedding party, the parents of the foreseeable future groom send out money towards the girl’s family members. The girls are generally around nineteen to more than 20 years of age. The Uzbek culture thinks that young ladies should be virgins before relationship. Therefore , they are required to undergo a secret hymen reconstruction. This kind of proves all their virginity to the women’s family and foreseeable future families.

The future bride’s mother visits the ladies house and acts as a matchmaker. On her third visit, the girl’s family members gives her permission for the purpose of the matchmaking. The oldest person in the family is usually in charge of organising the betrothal day. This is also the time if the family agrees on the pre-wedding activities. The marriage is usually a grand affair that can involve up to 500 guests. The bride’s family members make a number of traditional candy, cakes and gifts. They will also give the groom’s family funds. The wedding marriage ceremony is accompanied by dances and national tunes.

Through the wedding, the groom dons the hand jewelry within the woman. He offers her honey to keep her sweet. The groom also provides the honey and presents her with gifts coming from his family members. This is the last part of the Uzbek marriage customs.

The marriage banquet day is called Nikokh-Tui. This can be a most important commemoration in the Uzbek culture. It is actually performed within a specially embellished hall. Within this ceremony, the Imam scans a wedding prayer and reports the few as husband and wife. Then, the newlyweds ideal their relationship in a bright white cloth with relationship with korean woman blood. uzbekistan girls After this, the groom plus the woman are escorted by friends and relatives for the bride’s residence. The bride and groom then pay out their observation to the bride’s parents. The family of the woman and the soon-to-be husband have to bring back the present from the bride’s family.

In the Uzbek wedding, the bride and groom are often times accompanied by the other kids in their class and co-workers. During the marriage, the bride and groom generally eat a food with their close friends. They also usually have a photo take. The bridal party is also escorted by music instruments. In modern Uzbekistan, the wedding events are held in a wonderful hall. The hall is adorned according to the inclination of the bride and groom. The corridor is often filled with 300 to 400 persons.

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The marriage in Uzbekistan is a very formal ceremony. It is actually considered the most critical ceremony in the Uzbek family. The girl’s family has to make sure that she’s eligible for marital life. The bride’s father and mother have to help to make a dowry for her. The family of the groom possesses to settle the money by providing symbolic gift ideas to the groom’s home.


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